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" Whitehaven Harbour Commissioners commissioned Buzy Bee Software Services to deliver the website for The Edge project. We found them incredibly helpful, flexible and efficient throughout the development process and were able to meet the tight deadlines to provide a fast and easy to navigate website within the agreed budget. They are now providing the hosting and long term technical support for the website. We would highly recommend Buzy Bee Software Services. "
Celia MacKenzie
CEO, Whitehaven Harbour Commissioners



Whitehaven Harbour Commissioners required a new web site to help inform people about the developments around their new Coastal Activities Centre in Whitehaven, known as the Edge. The web site needed to be built within a short timeframe and would need to be easy to maintain and contain all information about the Edge within a single page design with easy navigation between each section. The web site also needed to be flexible and adaptable to break out of a single page design should it be required and support multiple pages in the future as the information about the project increases.

Our Solution


Buzy Bee Software Services built the new Edge web site based on a design supplied by Sellafield Ltd on behalf of the Whitehaven Harbour Commissioners. As the build for the website progressed new features were required beyond the original design specification with a news and progress section being added to show how the development was progressing over time. Buzy Bee Software Services were able to incorporate these new ideas into the web sites functionality and delivered a secure and responsive web site with cross-browser compatibility so it displays perfectly no matter what device it appears on. We ensured it was easy to use for site visitors and the Whitehaven Harbour Commissioners.


The web site is built in the award winning Concrete5 Content Management System making it very easy to add, update or remove content. The web site is also fully future proof and more than capable of expanding out of its initial single page design.

Technologies Used


Concrete5 Content Management System