" The service we’ve received from Buzy Bee has been outstanding. When we ran into problems with a template provided by our organisational HQ, Keith and Trish listened to what we wanted and then found a solution that met our immediate needs and gave us the flexibility to expand in the future. The content management platform they’ve built for us is more flexible and much more user-friendly than our original idea. Buzy Bee has done all of the development needed to help us stay “on brand” but make it easy and intuitive for our leaders to keep things up to date. The ongoing support and help has been fantastic, as we’ve grown more ambitious Keith and Trish have provided the technical back-up to realise our vision, including providing a new email service for the leaders and Group Executive. As a result we have a professional looking website that’s getting praise from everyone who visits it, and it’s easier for our leaders to communicate with our members and keep everybody up to date with what’s going on. "
Mr John Cheesewright

About the Client


One of the largest and most active Scout Groups in West Cumbria; every week over 100 young people aged 6-14 from Whitehaven and the surrounding area join them to experience everyday adventure and take part in their top quality Scouting programme.


The Requirements


The Hensingham Scouts wanted a web site to better communicate with their members about their activities and events. They also required a web site that would provide restricted content to membership, along with the ability to control what members have access to what content.

Our Solution


Buzy Bee Software Services sponsored the development of the web site and converted a Wordpress theme to work with the Concrete5 CMS system. This delivered a flexible system allowing them to setup a members area with a forum and to restrict access to parts of the web site.

Technologies Used


Concrete5 Content Management System (CMS)




MySQL Database